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The Power of the Simple Pause

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Nicole Maddox is a woman of many hats: wife, mother, lawyer, photographer and franchisee.

She runs two businesses while balancing being a mom to four. And she's not even a morning person. How does she balance her all her hats and hustles? Check out the interview with her below.

Why she named her studio, Simply Pause Photography:

"The term itself for me was just thinking about capturing a moment in time. Pausing for a moment and just appreciating that moment in time and being able to enjoy that very same moment for years to come. And so, Simply Pause."

Owning a second business, Office Evolution of Stamford, a workspace for small business owners in the current economic climate:

"We are still open, we are considered essential. We are certainly practicing social distancing and we are allowing businesses to have continuity at a time when so many are being disrupted. I'd like to think we are doing our part to keep the economy going to keep some of these businesses alive at a time when they may otherwise be fearful of what is going to happen next."`

Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs:

"Think about a financial plan, both on how you are going to keep your home going but also on how you are going to keep your business going. One thing I have certainly learned is that all of this involves some serious ups and downs. You have to be ready to stomach all of that.

In particular, it is important to have a business plan if you are going to look for funding. What are you going to do in that ramp up time? That time it takes to get really up and going? Sometimes you just don’t know how long that is going to be.

And then lastly finding good mentors. And really understanding and being willing to admit what you don’t know. I think that sometimes wise advice might seem like negativity. But you have to parcel between the two. Somebody might be giving you the other side because they are trying to help you think through all the potential issues. So I say listen to all of it and then really develop a plan.

What she is telling her children about getting through the Coronavirus:

"Before all of this, the pandemic we’re going through, I tried my best not to involve the children in anything that was worrying me. As I think through all of this I don’t know that is the best strategy.

We’re learning a lot about ourselves, how do I handle a crisis. I think right now we have an opportunity to teach our children how to handle a crisis. How to stay calm in a crisis. It's not just the pandemic it’s the decreased business and revenue I’m experiencing right now.

It’s not something I want the children to worry about but I want them to understand that hard times are gonna come and we can still breathe through them.

So I've discussed those things with them so that they can watch an example of somebody go through something and still come out ok. So that when they have their own challenges they can think I am gonna be ok, and I am gonna get through this. It might take time, but I know that I can do it."

The full interview including the story of why she left her legal career to become an entrepreneur, family photography tips, and why kids need to know about Rob Bass.

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