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Boss Up Fridays: Finding Mentors and Acing Video Interviews

This week's Boss Up Friday includes Office Evolution owner Nicole Maddox's Top Five Tips and a link to an outstanding Video Interview guide.

Nicole Maddox's Top Five Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs

  1. Nothing beats a good mentor, especially in the early stage. Before she started her own photography business, Nicole learned on the job while assisting an experienced wedding photographer on shoots. For help on how to ask someone to mentor who will say yes, check out this article from Heidi Colmes, co founder of Mentorloop.

  2. Connect with groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. These are the best place to ask all kinds of questions from experienced members who are there because they want to share their knowledge.

  3. Make sure your business plan accounts for a conservative ramp up period. Expect the unexpected when creating your initial revenue forecasts.

  4. You don't have to be a morning person! Find a routine that works for you and work that routine.

  5. Set alarms for yourself throughout the day for reminders on when you needed information or to respond to someone.

If you have a video interview coming up, check out this comprehensive guide from Cultivated Culture. Video interviews have gone high tech, and many platforms use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze and rate candidates. This free resource will help you ace the challenge.

You got this!

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