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In This Together. Now Can We Change That Song?

I get it Big Brands. You are standing by us, we can lean on you, together we will rise up, and you are gonna let those little lights shine. Message received. Can we please bring it up a notch now? If you still want to "let it shine" how about we move to something a lil more lively. Times are hard. Tunes can still be fun.

A "This Little Light of Mine" Top 10. Please choose one.

The classic folk version, Odetta

The smoother than smooth version, Sam Cooke

The Bruuuuuuce version, Bruce

The no way you can listen and not move version, Soweto Gospel Choir

For the Boomers version, Pete Seeger

The freedom anthem, Fannie Lou Hamer

The reggae version, Reubin Heights

The Norteño version, Mina

The poignant instrumental but with some soul version, Donald Shirley

The Fresh Prince version, Carlton and Ashley

The shut it down they just did that Royal Wedding version, The Kingdom Choir

The innovator and originator version, Sister Rosetta Tharpe

The Remix version

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