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Looking for Soul Models

One of my inspirations for creating this platform, We Are Boss People, was the series of conversations I had with friends about their personal journeys. I learned that even in our late thirties and forties, we had as many questions as answers. We were all improvising and trying to make it work. Sometimes it felt like Miles Davis. Most times it felt like I was in the ring with Mike Tyson.

So I wanted to create a place for stories about people figuring it out, and asking questions that don't have easy answers. What does it look like to be mentally soulfully strong? I can appreciate the "Mamba Mentality" when it comes to attacking goals. Can you attack life? I admire the strong silent movie characters, the hardened wise guys. But I never saw one of those guys raising kids with a working spouse.

I recorded an episode of The Bobby Ho Show last summer with some of these questions. It was from a difficult professional period. When Adam Chang described in our interview how he would just sit at lunch and stare from a bench, I knew exactly what he was talking about.

The episode I recorded was called, In Search of Soul Models. You can listen below, or here on Spotify. And I would love to hear about your questions, journeys, and ideas of what a soul model looks like. Let's share our stories. And maybe we can create some new versions of what strength looks like.

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