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Say Yes to the Fail

“Never wait in expectation of perfection or you'll wait forever. Do the best you can with what you've got, and be one of those who dared rather than those who merely dream.” JK Rowling

I went through a job layoff two years ago. I felt like I failed my family and myself. I was lost and did't have a map forward. I was fortunate to find work and eventually a full time job. In the process I learned to accept help. And I learned to embrace the fail. To own it. Not as a stink to run from or a stain to hide but as a stamp of success. A proof of life.

I shared my layoff experience with the "When Losing Means Winning" podcast recently. My biggest regret was that I tried to be too strong, to just "fix it" and pushed my wife away at times. My biggest joy was being able to create memories together with my daughters I wouldn't have had the chance to otherwise. My biggest lesson is to invest in fails.

I am saying yes to the fail. To study and learn from it. To invest in the process, To be free from perfection protection.

Or as Chef Chris Bianco told the cheftestants on Bravo's Top Chef, "Ya learn things when ya burn things."

In the spirit of Chef Bianco, here are some resources to get your Fail going, get your Burn on, and get your Learn on.

Barbara Corcoran was originally passed over as one of the original sharks on Shark Tank. She credits her experience in failing well to building her business and helping her win a spot on the show.

"Failure and Innovation are kissing cousins. I gave my people a budget to fail." Barbara Corcoran

"When Losing Means Winning" an indie podcast, is a series of interviews with folks who have lost something, but gained a whole lot more. Sarah does an amazing job of letting her guests relax and tell their stories but also finds the right moment to ask a penetrating question. Her guests are ordinary people who have gone through weight loss journeys, divorce, and losing loved ones. You can listen to episodes on her site here, on Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

Chef Chris Bianco, James Beard award winner, on the secret to success and great pizza.

"The secret is there is no secret. The secret is commit yourself. When you get to the point when the triumphs outweigh the disasters, then you stay on that path. You write down everything that went right for you." Chris Biano

Don't watch this video when hungry or without access to good pizza.

Luvvie Ajayi is a NY Times bestselling author, speaker, and professional troublemaker. It took her nine years though from when she began writing to when she could say, "I am a writer." All because of fear.

"Fear has a very concrete power of keeping us from doing and saying things that are our purpose." Luvvia Ajayi

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