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Service, Soul, and Celebrating Success

William Reid is a lifelong educator who dedicated his career to serving students. I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Reid while an undergrad at Georgetown University where he served as Director of the Center for Minority Student Affairs (now Center for Multicultural Equity and Access) for ten years. I had the opportunity to speak with him on a recent Sunday afternoon about values, family and good music. Below are the highlights of part one of our conversation.

On his calling as an educator and his service mindset:

"Not unique to me, but there are people in our society regardless of what jobs they may perform which are called to service. Teachers provide a service. Medical physicians and assistants provide a service. Since I was a child for some reason or another my mindset was providing service. When I grew up to become a teacher was something that was prized. It was linked close to being, in my community, a doctor, a lawyer, a clergyman, in that realm."

On starting law school at age 40 and persevering through four years of night school while working a full time job.

On his time together with the students at Georgetown University.

"I learned to listen better. I learned to accept, which was very hard for me to do, that I didn't know everything but that you guys knew quite a bit. So I had to listen in order to get a sense of what you were experiencing."

On the wisdom of working the angles:

Mr Reid has a unique perspective as a leader in both private higher education and the public school system. His take On the state of American education:

"We've got to look beyond the traditional career paths and look at new ideas. We also have to worry about that group of kids who might not go to college. We need a strong vocational program throughout America that will prepare kids if they choose not to go college."

On the success of his former students:

Bill Reid on raising daughters, his upcoming 50th wedding anniversary, and advice to the next generation coming soon in Part Two.

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