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We Are #MoreThan

Tara Jaye Frank's More Than movement is here to remind us that we are more than uncertain, more than out of work, more than our career status.

Check out the platform here for stories and content "that helps people respect substantive uniqueness while celebrating commonality."

One of the stories that hit home for me is from Lori, who is #MoreThanAJobTitle

"I am creative. I value the learning process. And children make me hopeful.

“I am an empath, through and through. I am sensitive to others’ feelings and genuinely want us to see, hear, and care about each other more. I know not everyone feels this way, but I believe if we could view life from another person’s perspective, we would feel more connected. Each of us has an opportunity to be the person we aspire to be and to help heal divides. I am #morethan my job title. I am constantly evolving, and I know that we can escape the belief system we were brought up in to create a more loving world…together.” Lori

There is also a podcast you can listen to here on Spotify, check out the most recent episode featuring Nely Galan on being self made.

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